V.V.T. Europa granted Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status by Dutch customs

AEO Logo 2V.V.T. Europa has been granted AEO-S status by the Dutch Customs after rigorous audits into security and safety standards. Enterprises involved in international trade that are awarded with this status are regarded as trustworthy parties by many international Customs authorities and are granted a number of varying benefits and facilities.

What is AEO and why does it matter?
The AEO-permit is granted to enterprises involved in international trade by Customs authorities that deem them to be trustworthy international trade companies. V.V.T. Europa has been deemed one of them. This means we are given a special status that offers a number of benefits such as less strict border inspections which makes for faster, simpler and more efficient transportation. The permit holders are also given exemption of certain customs taxes and fees. The added efficiency and exemptions allow us to reduce expenses and increase delivery speed for our clients.

What we had to do
V.V.T Europa has been audited on a number of varying subjects, including financial solvency of the company, correct record keeping according to procedures and regulations set by Customs to facilitate easy inspections, prior and current compliance to customs and taxation rules and legislation and absence of prior criminal offences. Authorised Economic Operators are becoming the benchmark of trustworthy transport and show that your processes are of the highest standards.  We are proud to say that we have passed the tests. The combination of our TAPA EMEA TRS 1 & 2, plus our newly acquired AEO-certification shows we take great care.

Change of procedures
With our new AEO-permit for safety and security, the risk score used by Customs to determine how frequent inspections of cargo are done will be lowered, decreasing the amount of hassle when going through customs. When checks must be done, holders of the permit are given priority, speeding up the process. Certain administrative procedures may also be disregarded by permit holders. In conclusion, we are now proudly able to say that V.V.T. Europa is recognised as a trustworthy partner and certified with both AEO & TAPA EMEA TRS 1 & 2. We look forward to showing our existing and potential clients why we are considered to be top-notch.