Belgium launches a new toll system: Viapass

Belgium to introduce toll for all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes on April 1, 2016
On April 1, 2016 Belgium will be launching a new toll system: Viapass. It is a new satellite controlled toll system for road pricing, where lorries with a gross weight in excess of 3.5 tonnes will be charged per kilometer via an On Board Unit (OBU). This applies to roads in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.

Exact calculation of Belgian toll per route
Under the motto "Ready to drive", the PTV Group and our partners Transport and Logistics Netherlands (TLN), Transportation Logistics Flanders (TLV) and Febetra will ensure that carriers know exactly how costs per route will be calculated in the Belgian road pricing system.

Our partner (TLN) calculates the costs in a single click
TLNplanner Internet 4.2 V.V.T. Europe calculates the total cost of your route based on the traveled route and the vehicle’s emission class. Because the Belgian toll has been incorporated into TLNplanner internet V.V.T. Europe, total costs can be calculated in a single click.

OBU satellicAll trucks at V.V.T. Europe already equipped with a Viapass OBU
All our vehicles have been fitted with a Viapass OBU. A working OBU is mandatory for all vehicles using the Belgian road network, also on roads where toll is not charged! This OBU uses a satellite connection to calculate distances traveled on specific roads and how much toll must be paid. Our partner (BP) allows these costs to be settled automatically.

You pay the lowest rate possible thanks to our clean engines
The good new is that toll rates are lower than initially expected. We are also in a favorable position thanks to our young fleet, which falls under the highest environment category: Euro norm six and gas trucks. This means customers of V.V.T. Europe will pay the lowest rate possible anywhere in Belgium. Where do you have to pay toll?
Fortunately, there are fewer toll roads than originally planned. The Belgian toll applies to motorways and a number of regional and municipal roads in Flanders, Wallonia and the Brussels Capital Region.


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How are the rates structured?
The rate is determined by the used roads, as well as the weight and EURO emission class of the concerned vehicle. Journey time will later also be included in the calculation.

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* Inner Urban area: all local and regional roads that are not motorways.

What rates you can expect?
We will calculate costs for every shipment that passes through Belgium. Because this is a government tax, we will be forced to pass on these additional costs to our customers from April 1, 2016.

Interested in more information?
Do you like to learn more about Toll in Belgium? Please don’t hesitate and contact Andries van der Velden of V.V.T. Europe:
0031 (0) 418 570 147. Or send an email with your questions to