VVT Euro 6 trucks

Janet Vermeulen, general manager at V.V.T. Europa:

"Since January 2016 our complete fleet consists of Euro 6 trucks, that are up to 90% cleaner"

CO2 reduction is a very important issue. One of the outcomes of the Earth Summit in Paris is greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 should be 40 % lower than it is today. V.V.T. Europa is committed to reducing emissions and limiting waste. Janet Vermeulen: “We take the environment very seriously. V.V.T. Europa invested in trucks driving on gas, a very clean fuel. And in January 2016 we replaced all our Euro 5 trucks for Euro 6 trucks. These Euro 6 trucks are up to 90% cleaner.” This is confirmed by TNO Tests commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. Compared to older trucks the difference is even greater.

Any new vehicle built and registered from 1st January 2014 must have a Euro 6 engine.
There are three main technologies available to achieve Euro 6 legislation:
- Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR): reduces NOx by using an additive (AdBlue)
- Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR): reduces NOx
- Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF): reduces particulate matter
To achieve Euro 6 legislation manufacturers need to use a combination of these technologies.

Euro 6 engines are both eco friendly and cost efficient
Janet Vermeulen: “Compared to Euro 5, not only permissible nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced to 90%. At the same time the fuel efficiency of the engines is improved. This way we succeed to keep our customers’ operating costs as low as possible. The new Euro 6 engines are both eco friendly and cost efficient.”

Gas, a great economic and sustainable alternative to diesel
Under the motto ‘a better environment starts at your own company’ V.V.T. Europa invested in trucks driving on gas. And guess what’s the cleanest fuel…gas. CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum. The price per kilometer is similar to diesel and the use of sounddeadening materials makes the truck incredibly quiet. Janet Vermeulen: “We want to contribute to a healthy and safe environment. Sustainability is for our clients a big issue too. For clients who want to achieve CO2 neutral transport and reduce emissions to an absolute minimum driving on gas is the solution.”

V.V.T. Europa signed up for the ‘Lean and Green’ certification
Reducing emissions is a very important issue in today’s society. Janet Vermeulen: “We signed up for the ‘Lean and Green’ certification in 2016, because we think driving on gas and our modern Euro 6 truck fleet ensures our company is improving with regard to protecting nature and the environment.”

Contact Janet Vermeulen for more information
Do you want more information about the cleanest way to transport your goods? Please don’t hesitate and contact Janet Vermeulen at V.V.T. Europa: 0031 (0)418 570 147.

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